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target_team_thumb_gareth_edmonsonI’m Gareth Edmondson, a 42 year old bloke that tries to keep fit by running.

I started this blog back in 2012 as a way of keeping a diary to document my running progress. I had tried to write a blog before but it sort of sizzled out and was not what I wanted so I started again. The purpose of this new blog is to document my training and if I get around to it, anything else. It’s a diary – a way of organising my thoughts. A way of emptying my head.

During 2014 the main purpose of the blog was to document my training for the Runner’s World Asics 26.2 competition to run the Paris Marathon.

I successfully completed the Paris Marathon in April 2014. Despite being the Runner World Sub 5 hour finalist, I went on to complete the event in 5:22. I was gutted but the beginnings of a suspected stress fracture in my right shin meant three weeks off the training schedule. I was lucky to be there running at all so I’m not too bothered about the time (it was a bit upsetting at the time).

I’ve since run 3 marathons with a 4th in April 2017 (Manchester).

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  1. Hi Gareth, glad I found your blog, been thinking of doing something similar to record my IMW journey. Hope the Snowdon Marathon went well.

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