ASICS26.2 – Week 10 Training Plan (and injury update)

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So here we have an adapted plan for week 10. Sam has changed how things are going. Here is the plan:

Week 10 w/c 17 Feb

  • Mon Physio
  • Tuesday 30 mins run
  • Wed Swim 45 minutes
  • Thursday 35 min run plus 2 x strides
  • Friday Rest
  • Saturday 10 mins walk, 45 mins run (using walk/run strategy), 10 mins walk
  • Sunday 90-120 mins bike.

The main difference could be Saturday and Sunday. Sunday could be the Oulton Half Marathon – so Saturday will be spend travelling to the event.

Injury Update: Things are going well. I am running again. Not as far as I had hoped to be running but it’s getting there.

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