Snowdonia – Taper Weeks at the end #ukrunchat @runningblogs

Well, here I am. Sat on a caravan in a campsite in Llanberis. Counting down the days until THE RUN. The weather so far has been good so I hope it stays like this for Saturday. 

Last week was the start of tapering fortnight and it seems to be going quite well. I managed to complete all of my runs in Week 15 and so far this final weel has been ok too. I have my final three miler in the morning. Running alongside Llyn Padarn has been inspirational this week. 

Niggles wise I have developed a mild cause of Maranoia – every niggle, twinge and ache is cause for concern. I’m sure to be getting on everyone’s nerves. I’m getting on my own nerves. 

Today we went to see BeddGelert which meant driving the first part of the marathon course. It wasn’t the best idea and my legs were aching in the car. Just over six miles of climb. I know my pace is meant to be 11:20/mile for those 6 but run/walk suddenly felt like a good idea. 

Have I said I’m really nervous and am bricking myself? No? Well I am. There, I’ve said it. No getting away from it. I’ve tried. I just hope everything clicks into place on the day.

I’m not sure whether to write any more until after the run but we’ll see. If not – then I’ll see you on the other side. 

Is anyone else running The Snowdonia Marathon on Saturday? Are you ready? Are you nervous?

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