The night before Snowdonia @runningblogs #marathoneryri

It’s the night before. I’ve been stuffing my face since yesterday morning with carb loaded foods and I feel ready to burst. 

My nerves are usually close to the surface and never more so than when attending the registration Expo this afternoon in Llanberis. It was full of athletic, fit looking runners: and me. Every man seemed to be part of a running club – kitted out in their running club fleece or jacket with trainers shining. The ladies were in their running leggings, gleaming trainers and hoodies – hair all tied back as if they were about to start running whenever the mood took them. BANG – they would be off. 

Then there was me – jeans, walking boots and a hoodie.

 Isn’t perception of other people a funny thing? I found myself looking at other people in a self-depreciating sort of way. They were all elite athletes. It doesn’t help me but a Positive Mental Attitude has never come easy. 

So I registered, and Louise (my number 1 supporter) and I sat for a coffee and a piece of carrot cake. I watched people, Louise watched me. She knows how to deal with this side of me when my nerves kick in. 

Anyway – the race technical t-shirt is very nice. I also bought a hooded top for this years run. Back then to the caravan to stuff my face with a cracking spag bol and sit on my nerves. 

I’ve received some lovely texts of people. The support is brilliant. It’s very uplifting to know people are thinking about you the day before. Certainly helps the nerves. 

So enough diary waffle for now. It’s time to rest. Two bagels have been stuffed in. I’m full. Sleep now and dreams of peaking at the right time. 

Good luck tomorrow everyone. 

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