Has anyone seen my running Mojo?

I have a problem and I’m not sure how to overcome it. I seem to have lost the will to run. I’ve lost my running Mojo. It started before Christmas and has been getting worse as time goes on. Not even new running kit and trainers on Christmas day was able to re-inject that enthusiasm I’ve had over the past year.

I’ve not been running since last Monday (4th Feb). A feeble 2.84km. It was cold, it was wet and it was boring. My legs were sore and mind was elsewhere.

The week before that I’d managed a 10.64K (Jan 27th) so it wasn’t all that bad but this week has confirmed that my running enthusiasm is on go-slow.

I’ve been reading some running magazines and some blogs. I’ve tried taking inspiration from @smileyrhi who has set herself some challenges. These can be read about on her running blog – http://runrhirun.wordpress.com/ – but nope. It isn’t happening.

In the meantime I can feel weight piling on (it’s not really). So if anyone has any advice on how to get ‘it’ back then please do email me. Cheers.