London says “No”! (and now Cardiff says “No” too.)

londonnoBit gutted to receive the email that tells me I have not been successful with my application to run the London Marathon. I suppose with so many entries the chances of getting a place are slimmer than normal but this was my second attempt.

I do wonder how they choose who does and doesn’t get in. Is it random? If so – then why do they ask for our previous times and experiences of marathon running? Why not just ask for a name and contact details? Why does it take 5 months to select the lucky ones when a computer could probably select the required amount of runners in less that a minute.

Do I sound bitter? I’m not really – but I am a little bit disappointed. Never mind – maybe the new Cardiff Marathon will be my April/Spring event.

** EDIT ** – It’s just been announced that the Cardiff Marathon has been cancelled for 2017 – wasn’t that a bit of a non starter. **

Story here:

Oh well – where to go now then? Maybe Manchester – that’s supposed to be a pretty flat one. Eryri first and then I’ll decide.


    1. Thanks Jon – I’m not that gutted about London. Not sure the way they do it is right (and why it takes so long). I’ll plan to run a different one in April – or maybe just finally make the change to triathlon.

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