Week 3 – Snowdonia training #runchat @marathoneryri @runningblogs @skinsgb

Week 2 – Review:

Pants really. Struggled with tiredness (end of term) and a bit of a cold so stopped running, stocked up on Barrocca and tried to sleep a bit more. So Tuesday – Saturday runs didn’t happen. Some relaxing, beer and a Sunday lunch seemed to do the trick and I was back out yesterday with a nice run. The planned 3 miles went okay. First two good pace but third mile was a bit slower. So not a good week, but with 16 weeks to go, now the programme really begins.

It’s funny how things can really knock your running. One and a half miles into the run and I swallowed a fly (or something) – totally dried my throat up and as I wasn’t carrying any water I just felt sick. Need to remember to take water – especially when running on the cycle path.

Week 3 Training:

So onto week 3 and the 16 weeks now kicks off properly. No messing around now. Cannot be ill, cannot struggle, cannot loose my mojo. Here is a reminder of this weeks running:

WEEK THREE (approx 20M)

  • Mon Rest
  • Tues 4M with middle 2M at 10k pace (approx 9 min miling)
  • Wed Rest
  • Thu 4M including 6 x 20 second hill reps with walk recoveries between each.
  • Fri Rest
  • Sat 9M very easy
  • Sun 3M easy (on grass or trails)

Things to do:

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