Week 7 – DOMS of Doom. @NewportWales262 @hokaone

Week 7 : 19th Feb – 25th Feb

Oh dear me – DOMS of doom that were not there on the Sunday after Hoka suddenly appeared on the Monday – I knew there would not be much running this week as it was half term. What I didn’t expect was for the DOMS to last until Thursday. Boy did my legs hurt and I can honestly say I’ve never had that much soreness in my legs before.

Coupled with a bad throat and the beginnings of a cold, this week was a write off. I even missed a 16 mile run on the 24th (Saturday) which worried my training OCD. Dealing with missed runs is something I have to learn to cope with. I still find it tough but have had some great advice from the various runners on Instagram.

Still – after a week off I felt refreshed and ready to start week 8.

Feel free to comment if you are reading this. It’s always nice when people do. Do you get bad DOMS? What’s the worst you’ve ever had after a run?


  1. Hi Gar, I feel your pain, I have suffered a lot over the years with really bad DOMS, however of late, it seems to be not so severe or for as long. Unless I go and do some stupid body weight HIIT class then Im usually in agony for a week. The worst I have had in recent years from running was when we stopped in North Wales on holiday and me and Suzi the dog ran up to the summit of Snowdon and back down along the pig track while Lor and the kids took the train. My legs hurt for a week after that. All our family have been suffering with the Lurge too. Ive not trained since last Thursday either which has been disappointing as my legs felt great on my first road ride since training on the turbo.
    Anyway don’t let your OCD get the better of you, use your mind and experience to get you through. You know you can do it. You know because you have already completed how many ? 3 is it ?

    See you on the road !

    1. Thanks David. My solution to DOMS has been to introduce more recovery protein into my post-run session. So within 30 minutes of getting back from the longer runs I take SiS Rapid Rego Recovery Powder which seems to have done the trick. It does get expensive so I only take it for longer runs whilst for shorter runs I am just having a pint of skimmed milk. Apparently skimmed mile apparently is the best per pound value for recovery.

      I’d love to run up Snowdon. The marathon was tough enough so maybe I’ll give it a miss.

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