Week 3 – Snowdonia training – Fear of the Long Run #runchat @runningblogs

It’s been over six months since I went on a long run. 2016 has not been kind what with niggles, colds and various illnesses so preparing for the first long run of this training schedule had me worried. So worried it sort of spoilt my Saturday as I fell into a mood of anxiety.

During my Tuesday and Thursday runs I had been thinking about the long run and hadn’t really let it bother me, but once Saturday morning came knowing I had to run on Saturday afternoon really did mess with my mind. The closer I got to the end of the day (when I run) the worse I got.

I was apprehensive! 9 miles. 9 long, boring miles. I’d only run between 3 and 5 since January. I’d pulled out of every other long run – including the Swansea Half Marathon.

So last nights run was 9 miles at a pace of 10:40 to 11:10 min/mile. Very easy pacing.

Turns out I didn’t need to worry really. It went okay and my pacings were spot on. It was a drizzly rain (my favourite running conditions) but it was warm and humid. Here is the Strava record. Worrying about it was a waste of time.

Does anyone else worry about their long runs?

Does it wind you up to he point of moodiness?