Always Hungry…. (Advice needed)

Recently I’ve been having a problem where I am always hungry – yet my training schedule has been less due to a bug that I’ve had for three weeks.

Any ideas?

  • I have a bowl of cereal at around 7:10 – fruit and fibre with skimmed milk
  • By 10:30 I feel hungry and sick so have a bowl of greek yogurt with some dried mixed fruit and nuts
  • By 12:40 I am again hungry and feel sick so recently have been having a ham salad baguette with a bottle of water
  • Food at 5pm – generally a good healthy meal.
  • Usually feel sick and week by 10pm (on non-running days)

I drink a lot of water during the day and 2/3 coffees.

So I’ve no idea. As I sit here writing this I’m thinking of eating a bowl of cereal before bed – but it’s a bit late.

If anyone does ready this and has some advice please get in touch.

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