ASICS 26.2 – Pacing Informatiom

running-peopleWhen I was given my first 8 weeks of the training plan Sam included estimated pacing times for each run. I have not mentioned these before so thought it would be worth others who are following my plan reading them and using them as well.

Note they are only guidelines provided by Sam and may change as my plan changes over the weeks:

  • Very Easy : 11.30-12.00 Should feel as if you could do this all day. Effortless!
  • Easy : 10.30-11.30 Should feel comfortable. Can chat quite easily.
  • Steady : 9.50-10.30 Still comfortable but slightly more breathless and less chatty!
  • Threshold pace : 9.35-9.50 Challenging but controlled effort. Can get short phrases out. Breathing should be hard but controlled, not ragged
  • Speedwork : 8-9 min mile depending on length of rep. Tough. One-word answers only!
  • Current HMP : 10.14
  • Current 10k pace : 9.34
  • Current 5km pace : 9.06
  • Current 1 mile pace : 8.09 (giving speedwork guideline of 8-9 min/miling, depending on length of rep)

Other information. My current race times are as follows and I believe have advised the estimated times above :

  • 5k: 28.20
  • 10k: 59.22
  • Half: 2.14:42

So to finish, my marathon goal pace is: 11:22m/m

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