ASICS 26.2 – Week 2

hamstring-pull-biceps-femorisWeek 2 has not started too well with this mild hamstring injury which seems to have appeared after my Week 1 Sunday 9mile run. The bad foot has gone but the hamstring is a worry.

I’ve spoken to Sam Murphy (Coach) and Sarah Connors (Physio) and have been advised to rest for a few days. Sarah advised putting ice on the area and then massaging. So this is what I have been doing since Sunday evening.

The good news is that after a 4 Mile easy pace run this morning my hamstring feels okay. I’m still going to look after it with ice and massage but otherwise it looks like it may have passed.

So my schedule for this week is as follows:

  • Monday:  3M easy
  • Tuesday:  1M easy, then 10 x 1 MIN at 1-MILE PACE, 1 MIN JOG, 1 M easy (3M)
  • Wednesday:  Rest Christmas Day
  • Thursday:  4M OFF-ROAD/HILLY EASY
  • Friday:  Rest
  • Saturday:  10M very easy
  • Sunday:  Rest

The total mileage I should run this week is approximately 20miles but this isn’t going to be the case with Monday/Tuesday out of the count due to resting.

On Friday I was meant to do an 11 mile walk over the Carmarthen Fans but this has been cancelled due to the weather that is meant to be coming our way. Instead I am now running a ParkRun on Saturday morning and moving the 10Mile run to Sunday evening. That should test the hamstring.


  1. Just a minor setback just take it easy. I like to see What’s your week three looks like. I am following your campaign to #asics262 Paris

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