ASICS 26.2 : Week 3 ends

Best week so far I think and I’m definately getting stronger. For those that are following my Sub-5 plan here are the times and distances for the week.

Monday 30th December

  • Training Distance: 3M Easy
  • Actual Distance: 3.56
  • Actual Time: 37.12
  • Average Pace: 10:26/mi

Tuesday 31st December

  • Training Distance: 5.5M of 1M jog then 2 x 1 mile at 10km pace with 3 min walk/jog then 1M jog
  • Actual Distance: 5.17
  • Actual Time: 50:29
  • Average Pace: 9.46/mi

Thursday 2nd January

  • Circuit Training Completed

Friday 3rd January

  • Training Distance: 3.5M including 6 x 30 sec hill reps at threshold effort with jog recoveries
  • Actual Distance: 3.61
  • Actual Time: 36.24
  • Average Pace: 10:05/mi

Sunday 5th January

  • Training Distance: 11M on flat route, aiming for 2nd half faster than first half.
  • Actual Distance: 12:25
  • Actual Time: 2:10:43
  • Average Pace: 10:40/mi

In other news, I’ve made a couple of changes to my diet.

Breakfast is now cereals and a piece of fruit. I am on Kellogs Fruit and Fibre followed by a banana.

Any run is now followed by 600ml of skimmed milk. No matter how long or short the run I drink it once I get back.

In the weekly shop – we have taken out any buscuits. These are treats only now. More water has been ordered for school. Brynaman Tap water is fine for at home – and comes from the brecon carreg so it’s lovely.

I also tried out a gel today during my long run. Between 8 and 9 miles I took on board a SiS Go Isotonic Energy blackcurrant flavour gel. It says you can take three an hour but I wanted to try them out first. I have no idea whether it made a difference.

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