ASICS 26.2: Week 5 and a change in the plan…

So week five started today with a 3M steady run during my lunch hour. A new ‘5K Club‘ set up for teachers and pupils in the school. Hopefully I can use my Asics 26.2 success to inspire others in school. Who knows. Only three of us went out today – turns out a lot of the pupils had not had the announcement. Never mind – will try again next week.

Some interesting things this week but before look at them here is my training schedule for Week 5:

WEEK FIVE w/c 13 Jan (approx 24M) 

  • Mon:  Rest
  • Tues:  5 M easy
  • Wed:  4m of 1 m jog then 6 x 2 mins at 1-M pace, 2 min jog recoveries, 1 mile easy
  • Thu:  Circuit training
  • Fri:  3M steady
  • Sat:  Rest
  • Sun:  12M very easy

Notice that Monday is supposed to be a rest day but I’ve moved things around and I may take the rest day on Friday instead. I might just let it go and only have one rest day.

Now onto the interesting information. Sam (coach) has changed my pacing guidelines due to me being a little bit faster than originally thought. So here they are – the old paces are in brackets

  • Very Easy: 11 – 11.45 (11.30-12.00)
  • Easy: 10 – 11 (10.30-11.30)
  • Steady: 9.20 – 9.50 (9.50-10.30)
  • Threshold pace: 9.00 – 9.15 (9.35-9.50)
  • Speedwork: 7.30 – 8.30 (8-9 min mile)
  • Current HMP: 10.14 – no change
  • Current 10k pace: 9.34 – no change
  • Current 5km pace: 8.36 (9.06)
  • Current 1 mile pace: 7.42 (8.09)

So if you are following my plan then you could update your pace as I am going to do from tomorrow.

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