ASICS 26.2 – Week 9, Injury and Fame

It’s week 9 and I’m two weeks into my injury. The leg is feeling a lot better and small bouts of running following instructions from Sarah  seem to have gone well.

I’ve been working with ASICS to find the right trainer to suit my condition – and they have been amazing in sending me various trainers to try out. Most of them fit and I’m gutted they all have to go back.

I don’t currently have the Week 9 training plan from Sam yet – I have asked for it, but due to the time out I have a feeling it will be different to what most people will expect. There has been talk of a walk/run strategy for Paris – not what I want but regardless of the injury I will reach Paris and I will get through the run in under 5 hours.

So there we are – that is where I am. I am frustrated – extremely frustrated. I’m probably not the easiest person to live with at the moment. I didn’t realise how much this meant to me. I do now and am getting mentally stronger to deal with it.

The only other news is that I appeared on S4C last Monday talking about the competition. S4C sent Rhodri Gomer-Davies to London to film me during Training Day 1. It was on TV last week.

Also I saw today that I have appeared in the local Swansea Welsh newspaper called Wilia. I’ve enclosed a picture below:


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