ASICS Target 26.2 – Bootcamp Day – Review

target_team_thumb_gareth_edmonsonI was going to write a massive blog post about the Runners World BootCamp day but have been under the weather. Anyhow I have been chosen for the final 19 and am in the Sub 5 hour category.

What I will say about the day is that it was amazing. I learnt a lot just from speaking to the 46 other runners that were there. The two coaches, Sam Murphy and Steve Smyth, were great to work with and I learnt a lot about stretching from physio Sarah Connors

I’m absolutely over the moon with being chosen. There are some good people in my category. Two of us have never run marathons whilst the other two have. I am the only man in the group. I am also the only Welsh person 🙂 Da iawn fi.

So the voting has opened. I’m not sure what the terms and conditions are for winning the group but whoever ends up on top will be a worthy winner.

You can vote for me here:

I am at the bottom. Voting closes on Tuesday, 10th December.

(This article should have been published last week but I forgot about it. Sorry)

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