ASICS Target 26.2 – The First Week (Done)

Last Sunday’s 9 Mile run brought to the end the first week of ASICS training. It was a good week but the 9 miler did bring with it a sore foot and an aching hamstring. I’ve taken a few days off at the start of week 2 and both aches seem to be better.

The aching foot improved immediately after rolling it on a frozen ice bottle and then soaking it in a bowl of hot salty water (thanks Bill for that advice). The hamstring has seen a few days of icing and massage. Major improvement and a 4Mile run today and I was able to prove to myself that things are better.

Anyhow – first week was completed and I’m happy with how it all went. I’ve outlined the week below:

  • Monday: 3M easy. Average Pace was 10:00m/m (no Garmin)
  • Tuesday: Circuit training at Leisure Centre . Went really well.
  • Wednesday: Rest (Swapped with Thursday because of family birthday)
  • Thursday: 4M steady pace. Average Pace was 10:04m/m
  • Friday: Rest (Really bad storm so didn’t run)
  • Saturday: 3M easy (from Friday) followed by 3 x Strides session. Average Pace: 10:53m/m
  • Sunday: 9M very easy. Average Pace was 11:40m/m

Overall Mileage this week: 19.69miles  (supposed to be 19 miles)

So a good week. From the Thursday on I was using a Garmin 620 to measure pace. It’s the first time I’ve ever done this and it was interesting. In just a few runs I’ve learnt a lot about pacing. The only issue is how addictive it is to look at the watch all the time to check the pace.

Roll on week 2 and an improved hamstring. Another post will follow this one.


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