#asics262: Week 10 – Half Marathon Success

timescreenRight well here I am. For those that have followed my miserable three weeks of injury I got back in the game today with the Oulton Half Marathon.

The splits can be seen here: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/450381456#

Sam and Sarah recommended an 8 min run and 2 min walk strategy from the start. Okay – it didn’t quite go like that and I got a but caught up in the moment. I actually ran the first 18 minutes and then settled down a bit. From there I went into 8/2. It felt wrong – it just felt wrong.

And then it clicked – it all clicked into place. I was running faster during the 8 mins and slow walking the 2 mins. I over took people at the end etc etc. However the stubborn bugger in me saw the potential to beat my Cardiff 2:14 so I ran the last mile and clocked in at 2:13:16 – a Half Marathon Personal Best.

So we could ask how is my injury? It’s fine. No twinge, no pain at all. Okay my legs ache but this is the furthest I’ve run etc for the past three weeks. I’m gutted really as I imagine the time I could have had if there was no injury – but hey ho I should be happy that I’m there, back in the game.

People have had to put up with a lot of moaning over the past three weeks – but they have seen me through. The advice on the forum was to follow Sam and Sarah and I have done.

The only issue I felt was at the end of the run – I felt weak. I felt low on energy. If I feel like that after 13.2 miles then how will I feel after a full marathon?

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