#asics262 : Week 15 into Week 16 + new kit

Marathon TopSo as Week 15 draws to a close with my final long training run of the campaign we enter the final week. Week 16! I don’t know what to say about it. This time next week I will have finished the marathon (hopefully) and will either be lying in bed with sore legs or out an about in Paris enjoying the feeling of elation after completing the run.

Week 16 is the end of the campaign and is just tapering. Here is my schedule:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 3Miles steady plus 3 x strides
  • Wednesday: Swim/Cycle
  • Thursday: 3M easy
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 2M easy with 3 x strides
  • Sun: Race Day!!!!

We are travelling to London on the Thursday night before boarding the Eurostar to Paris on the Friday Morning. I’ve not had the schedule for the weekend yet. All I am sure of is a big run on Sunday.

Two things have annoyed me this week. My marathon kit has arrived and I’m slightly gutted that we’ve only been given shorts and a tshirt. What if it’s cold? Back during Asics store day we were told that under garments (Skins style) would be sent out to us in January. This hasn’t happened so I’ve had to buy what I need just in case the weather is a bit crap out in Paris. I know I should be grateful for what I’ve got but as we were promised the items I didn’t pick any up during Store day – otherwise I would have. We were clearly told that there was no need to purchase skins or compression gear as they would be sending stuff out in January from the new season stock.

I bet I get some comments on how ungrateful I am 🙂 A promise is a promise.

Secondly – I’m annoyed at the magazine. This month has some stats in there that show I have only completed 27 training runs whilst the others have completed a lot more. I actually feel they needed to point out that I’ve been injured for three weeks and that my weeks also consist of circuit training and swimming. If you were to just read the stats and not the forum or the magazine copy then you would be thinking – how can he run a marathon on 27 training runs?

Oh well – these things are what they are. I’ve had an amazing experience and the whole process has helped me in ways I cannot describe. From dealing with depression and anxiety, to pushing my running further than I ever thought possible. Every step of the journey has been worth it.

Anyway – not sure I will post any more this week – besides on Facebook or Twitter. I am taking my laptop to Paris so hopefully will be able to blog about the experience as it happens.

Until then – thanks for the support people and see you on the other side.

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