Blog issues/Running and Learning to Swim (Again)….

Blog Issues : I’ve been having a few issues with the blog. The domain it was hosted on expired ( and the new domain didn’t kick in. is now the domain for this site.

Running : Training for the Chester Marathon in October is going well. There have been a few niggles since I last wrote something. My left hamstring feels like it could snap at any moment and my right shin is hurting like it did before Paris. The shin is a weird one – the slower I run the worse it gets. The faster the better.

Pace wise I am struggling to keep at my marathon page (set by Sam Murphy during the Asics Campaign). It should be between 11 and 11:45min per mile, but I seem to be comfortable at 10:30min/mile. Whether I can keep that up for 26.2 miles is another matter.

I have also entered the Swansea Bay 10K in September. Handy as a training run two weeks before Chester.

Kit : My Strava app tells me that my Asics trainers are edging ever closer to their 500 mile limit – so I’m now looking at a new pair. Must order them soon.

Swimming : During the past two weeks I have been swimming in the mornings before work on a Tuesday and a Thursday. It seems to be going well but I’ve been tiring out quite quickly. The problem is with my breathing. I thought my stroke was okay, 1-2-3-Breathe Left; 1-2-3-Breathe Right. For some reason I cannot turn my neck to the right.

So I’ve started researching technique and despite swimming a lot as a child (and was reasonably good at it) it seems I’ve lost my technique. So I’ve borrowed a book called ‘Total Immersion‘ by Terry Laughlin. This Tuesday I will visit the pool and instead of swimming back and forth I will be looking to follow his drills and re-learn how to swim. I wonder if it can be done at 39 years old? I’ll report back.

Bye for now.



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