Chester Marathon – Training

After last weeks Swansea Half Marathon it is now time to start the 8/9 week countdown to the Chester Marathon which takes place on 5th October. It will be my second marathon and hopefully I’ll finish it in the sub 5 hour time I was supposed to do in Paris (if I avoid injury).

Anyway – the Swansea Half was 13.1 miles to I continue the training using Isobel’s Paris plan which was created by Sam Murphy (@sammurphyruns). Not all plans are suitable for everyone but this one seems to be suiting me so I am using it with my pacing.

This weeks training schedule is as follows:

(Approx 32Miles)

  • 28th July : Monday: Rest
  • 29th July : Tuesday :  4M of 1M jog, then 10 x 200m close to mile pace – jog the remaining 200m of the track in 90 seconds to recover between reps. 1M jog.
  • 30th July : Wednesday : 3M easy
  • 31st July : Thursday : 6M of 2M steady, 2M at threshold pace, 2M easy
  • 1st August : Friday : Rest
  • 2nd August : Saturday : 16M – first 8 very easy, second 8 easy
  • 3rd August : Sunday : 3M easy off road (on grass or trails)

Today is the 29th so for the first time I went to the Ammanford School running track. It’s not the best in the world. It’s a red-gra (hockey pitch style) track. I’m not even sure if it’s full size. I forgot my Garmin this evening so couldn’t measure the training. I’ll do it later this week. There are no lane markings and no 100 metre markings so it’s very difficult to work out where I am. We did our best with the fartlek training.

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