Day 10 – The Final Weigh In

Soooo I’ve made it. I’ve survived the 9 day detox programme and I’ve not died of starvation. I’ll keep this post short because if you have been following the blog, then I suppose you want to know how much weight I have lost over the 9 days.

Well – here we go. Let me tell you then….

Original Weight: 14’11 and a three quarters

So almost 14 stone 12 lbs. I thought that was quite heavy and if you remember I wanted to loose some pounds to help with my triathlon training. Less weight could mean less to pull through the water on a swim, less to carry around on the bike and less pounding of the knees during the run. The aim was to be lighter and faster.

“Just tell us…..” I hear you screaming. Ok here we go….

The final weigh in this morning is:

14st and 2 pounds.

A loss of 9 and 3/4 pounds

So there it is – a good weight loss in my opinion and one which has made a difference already to the training I have managed to do. Already I feel lighter in the water – and have proved that by swimming further than I have in a long time. My trousers are looser.

The only downside I have seen so far is that my stomach feels a bit more ‘flabby’ – yet smaller. Maybe some situps and targeted workouts can sort that out for me.

Where now? So I’ve decided to keep drinking water – I’ve enjoyed the water drinking. I’ve also decided to keep taking the Aloe Vera. I’m going to try my hardest to stay off bread and where possible always choose the healthiest option.

Would I do this again? Yes I would. For the reasons I noted above, I felt the detox was worth it. It’s made me think a lot harder about what I eat and drink and again as I noted above, this has already started. Even today when I could eat normal food, I have chosen a healthy option (salmon salad / fruit pot / bottle of water).

I’ll end this here and say that if you have been reading this, I hope I’ve helped you make your mind up about whether to follow this detox. If you are unsure feel free to contact me and I’ll give you the information you need to take your enquiries further. Use the contact form on the website.


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