Detox – Day 3 – Wednesday

Day 3 is here. I’ve survived the first two ‘Reset’ days and I don’t feel hungry. I’m quite surprised really. I’m excited today because I move back onto foods and less Aloe Very Gel. The AV gel wasn’t that bad but 4 times a day was tough going. Still – looking to the future. As I look towards the end of this detox I’m already wondering whether to keep taking the gel or not.

Up early today because the plan says I need to weigh. So I do – and…… I’ve lost some pounds. Hooray. It was to be expected really but it’s still a nice feeling. Nothing like a confidence boost when you are starting something new.

Day 1 Weight was 14st 11lbs.

Drum roll please…….

Day 3 Weight : 14st 5lbs – that’s down from 14st 11lbs. Happy with that. 6lbs lost. Not bad at all.

People have said it’s due to water loss. Fair enough – it may be due to water loss but I’m still drinking almost 2-3 litres a day.

Here we go with the foodie bit……

6:55am : Two Garcinia tablets in. 30 minute wait until I can have the next bit

7:30am Breakfast : Aloe Vera Gel drink with water and then the change. I’m allowed a meal replacement shake. My first of the day. Down it goes – still a nice taste so I don’t mind not eating toast. No tea or coffee – just some water. Then the ‘Therm’ tablets go in and it’s off to work.

10:40am : The usual fibre pack. This has to be done every day so from tomorrow I won’t write about it. Fibre mixed with water. Despite peeing A LOT, I’ve not noticed any other changes in my toilet habits. Still regular as clockwork 😉 My work colleagues are bound to bring this up now that I’ve written it.

12:40pm – Lunch : Not much difference to the previous two days – but without the Aloe Vera Gel. Two Garcinia tablets, a chocolate meal replacement shake with skimmed milk and a Therm tablet. More water though and a 30 minute walk around the block.

2:30pm – Oh no : The hot chocolate I had yesterday really does help so I’ve had another one today. Do I feel guilty? Every time I see my Detox Guru in work I have pangs of guilt and feel like a cheat – but as a man I’m allowed an extra 200 calories 🙂 – Great excuse. Once again, I say it’s better than a pastie or a chocolate bar.

3:20pm : Ate my box of free foods – all fruit. I’m not normally a fruit person, but I have been enjoying the past few days. I need more fruit in my life – does fruit cake count?

8:50pm : FOOOOOOOD. 600 CALORIES OF FOOD. I took my Garcinia tablets 30 minutes before and my therm tablet after but otherwise it was meal time. So what did I have? I cooked up a ‘Pork and Beans Plus’ meal. This was made up of:

  • 113g grilled pork chop (I didn’t weigh it – Aldi pack of 6 pork chops)
  • 30g black beans (whaaat – had to call to get them on the way home from work)
  • 93g quinoa (never had this ever – didn’t even know what it was – still cocked this bit up though and even though the packet said quinoa, it was mixed with brown rice)
  • 75g mixed lettuce (Aldi Salad Box did the trick)
  • 75g of chopped cucumber in a dressing (got this bit right)

10:30pm – Bed Time : Water, water and more water.

Wednesday Good things:

  1. Early morning weigh in was a confidence booster
  2. Not as much Aloe Vera Gel
  3. Started eating again
  4. Enjoying the fruit
  5. Coping without thinking about supper

Struggles: Today’s struggles are:

  1. I’m getting used to not having breakfast – the shake helped today but the smell of toasted bagels is a killer.
  2. No coffee all day. The Hot Chocolate helped.
  3. Small amounts of exercise – again, only a 30 minute walk at lunch time because I’m worried about doing too much with so little calories.
  4. Less struggles today.

6 days left……. Also – apparently, people are reading this. Please comment if you are…. bring some support….


  1. Waw!! Ti’n neud yn ffab Gareth!! Dal ati! Edrych mlan at weld y canlyniadau ar ddiwedd y 6 diwrnod! Ti wedi colli lot yn barod!

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