Detox – Day 2 – Tuesday

Second day of the ‘Reset’ phase of this detox. I’ve woken up this morning a bit late so it’s a bit of a rush to swallow the tablets, wait the half an hour before the Aloe Vera. I do not feel hungry. I woke up at around 3am with a rumbling tummy so drank some water and went back to sleep. So I am surprised this morning that I am not looking for a larger breakfast.

6:55am : Two Garcinia tablets in. 30 minute wait until I can have the next bit

7:30am Breakfast : Aloe Vera Gel drink with water. I need this water with the gel as I’m not quite used to the taste yet. The ‘Therm’ tablet also went down – only just remembered to take this before leaving for the day.

10:40am : The fibre pack goes down OK. I can drink this throughout the day but I’m quite OCD when sticking to a plan so if the plan says ‘Mid-Morning’ then that is when I will drink it.

12:40pm – Lunch : Same as yesterday. Two Garcinia tablets, Aloe Vera Gel, a chocolate meal replacement shake with skimmed milk and a Therm tablet.

2:30pm – Oh no : Gave in and had a hot chocolate drink from the machine in work. I doubt it will de-rail the effort, but I just needed something. Better a drink than a pastie or a chocolate bar.

5:50pm :  Same as yesterday. Two Garcinia tablets and some Aloe Vera Gel.

8:00pm : I really enjoyed my free-food meal last night, so I had it again. Small salad, grapes, strawberries, blueberries and cucumber. Washed down with water.

10:30pm – Bed Time : Some more Aloe Vera Gel washed down with a few glasses of water.

That’s it – the ‘Reset’ phase is done. I have to weigh in the morning. Fingers crossed. My guess is that I will have lost a bit of weight. I feel better already

Tuesday Good things:

  1. Again I feel OK during the day.
  2. Drinking water has not got on my nerves yet.
  3. I even feel fine at the end of the day.
  4. Glad to be bringing the ‘reset’ phase of this detox to a close. 600 calorie meals to look forward to from tomorrow on.

Struggles: Today’s struggles are:

  1. Making breakfast for my children. This is going to be one of the hardest times of the day. If they had cereal then it would be easier, but nope. They have to have toast or bagels – two of my favourite things. Toast and Jam is my go-to meal. Morning, noon or supper – I can always eat toast and jam. and quite often I do have it for supper.
  2. No coffee all day. Again, a day without tea or coffee. The Hot Chocolate helped.
  3. No Supper. Going to bed after supper is a habit I am hoping to break – but it’s hard when you’ve done it for so long.
  4. Small amounts of exercise. I’m going out for a 30 minute walk, but I’m annoyed that I could not put a shift in at the swimming pool last night. The advice for this part of the detox is to complete light exercise – so that is what I have done.

** No picure of my tea tonight as it was basically the same as last night.

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