Detox – Day 1 – Monday

So here we go. Let the detox begin. I’ve had a good weekend with a few beers and some food. I’m ready to begin. This will be written as I do it so here we go. The first two days which are called ‘Reset’. The aim of of these two tough days to kick start a ‘new approach to good nutrition and beneficial exercise’. The plan tells me that these first two days are tough but worth it. We shall see.

Pre-breakfast (6:40am): Up early to weigh and measure. Here are my stats as they stand at this early hour. – on day 1.

  • Chest: 40″
  • Hips: 40″
  • Bicepts: 13″
  • Waist: 40″ (yet I wear 36″ trousers!)
  • Thighs: 23″
  • Calves: 15.5″
  • Weight: 14’11 and a quarter

Breakfast : Up early to get my tablets in. These tablets are food supplements which the plan says will help me with my metabolism and glucose levels. 30 minutes later and I’m drinking Aloe Vera Gel (with 240ml of water). I have also taken another tablet called a ‘Therm’. This too is a supplement containing vitamins, antioxidants and some other stuff. A bit different to my usual breakfast of toast with margarine and jam. In the car on the way to work I also have three sticks of celery – one of the free foods on the detox plan. Luckily I like celery.

Mid-Morning (10:40) : A powder fibre supplement mixed with 300ml of water. Didn’t taste of anything. Meant to help my digestive health. Apparently I can drink this anytime during the day.

Lunch (12:40) : Usually I would bring some dinner – a salad with meat and yogurt. Maybe a packet of crisps and a walk to the shop to get a Diet Coke. Not today – this is extreme detox day. Another two Garcinia tablets, some more Aloe Vera Gel and another Therm tablet. I am allowed a meal replacement shake (Chocolate flavour) and very nice it was too. Very tasty. More visits to the toilet during the lunch hour. Peeing like a racehorse. I’ve drunk so much water.

Mid Evening (5:30) : Back from work. Tablets and Aloe Vera Gel with more water. I’m sure my insides are drowning with all this water.

Late Evening (9pm) : Food time and all free foods. A meal of salad, grapes, blueberries, strawberries and cucumber. No celery tonight. I’ve had enough of that. Did I miss any meat or potatoes? Not really. This was a nice meal.

So Day 1 is finished. I feel empty. Am I hungry? No – I’m not hungry but I am going to bed before I get peckish and need some supper.

Good things: Feel fine at the end of the day. A bit hungry as I write this before bed, but otherwise confident that I can do this again tomorrow. The detox book says I can have another 200 calorie meal replacement shake – but I’m not that hungry.

Struggles: So what have I struggled with today

  1. Making breakfast for my children. One had toast and jam whilst my youngest had cereal. Toast and jam is my usual breakfast.
  2. No coffee all day.
  3. Peeing a lot – lost count of how many times I’ve been today.


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