Detox – Day 5 – Friday

The lack of calorie intake this week has meant my traning has taken a back seat. I’ve been for a nightly 30 minute walk at various speeds but it hasn’t been enough to keep me ticking over. So this evening I took a visit to North Dock in Llanelli for a swim.

It was a lovely evening and I’d decided to swim two laps of the dock. My first suprise was how different my wetsuit felt. It seemed to fit better and was easier to do up. I usually have to have help pulling the back and having someone else zip up the suit – but tonight I was able to do it myself. That was a bit of a confidence boost.

Second suprise of the evening was how much energy I had. My first lap was a warm up and it went well. I took 60 seconds to stretch after my first lap before setting off on my second…. and then my third…. what? A third lap? I’ve never done that before. I had so much energy and felt stronger. It felt good so I went with it. Three laps in 40 minutes – 1.3 miles, just over Half IronMan Distance. Really happy with that.

Tea was a ‘pasta’ meal – but not your usual pasta. This was rice pasta. Mixed with chicken, mushrooms and bolognaise sauce. It tasted nice but I didn’t cook the pasta enough so that bit was a bit tough to eat. Still – all done.

Otherwise the rest of the day was as normal – breakfast, and lunch were the same shake – which I still think are very tasty.

Thursday Good things:

  1. End of the week.
  2. Managed to get some swimming into the week.
  3. Not missing bread or beer.

Struggles: Today’s struggles are:

  1. I’m a little bit worried about the weekend. I have plans and these do revolve around swimming and food. I’m off to LC2 tomorrow – and out for lunch and I know on Sunday I’m out for an evening meal. I’ll have to plan.
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