Detox – Day 6 and 7 – The Weekend

So – the weekend has been overly tough. For one, we had Saturday which is usually running the children around to their various activities before returning home to a breakfast/lunch of bacon and egg muffin/sarnie with a cup of coffee. Sometimes several cups of coffee. There is sometimes a visit to the local greasy spoon cafe for a breakfast – unless I am event training – then there is not much eating going on anyway.


Saturday’s treat this week was to take the children to LC2 in Swansea for a swim instead of their normal activities. The problem was the swim was just before lunch time so we decided that there needed to be a lunch after the event. Knowing that I am always hungry after swimming it was a tough decision on whether to take pre-made meal-replacement chocolate shake, or take the risk and see what LC2 were selling at their cafe. I took the tougher option and decided to take the shake and my lunch tablets. I’m glad I did – but it was hard when two kids are eating their lunch and Mrs E is eating hers.

I survived. I won and I felt a lot better for it. However I did treat myself to a Cappuccino Starbucks from the LC2 coffee area.

After LC2 was the weekly shop at Aldi. Not that tough as I wasn’t that hungry but I had to plan some meals for the week ahead – especially as I was coming off the detox. I needed to be prepared. More on that another time.

Tea was using up some of the ingredients that I had used in the week. Nothing special – rice pasta, chicken, mushrooms and bolognaise sauce – nothing special but it was nicer this time as I kept the rice pasta cooking longer.


A lazy day around the house, but by late afternoon it was clear that everyone wanted to go out for a spin in the car – and I knew that it would mean calling somewhere for food. The kids had been great all day, I had managed to stick to my detox plan so it was a no brainer. That is until we decided that Frankie and Bennies was the place we were going to have food. Oh nooooo.

I really enjoy eating at F&Bs – their chips are nice. What to have…. By the time we ate there were quite a few of us and everyone was ordering their bbq chicken, their burgers, their ribs. BUT NOT ME…. I ordered a glass of tap water and a Salmon Salad! Yes indeed – I’ve changed. I could have cheated myself and the detox but instead ordered a healthy option. Ok – I did treat myself to two corn on the cobs. All in all – it was a nice meal and I didn’t feel the need to pinch chips or any other such foods from other plates.


Weekend Good things:

  1. I survived without sabotaging my detox
  2. I survived without sabotaging my detox
  3. I didn’t have a beer, I didn’t eat any bread.

Weekend Struggles:

  1. It was the weekend and there is less going on to keep me from wandering to the cupboard for a biscuit. In work there is no cupboard.
  2. It’s the weekend – full stop – why not have a treat?
  3. I don’t drink in the week so having a beer at the weekend is a treat (but I stayed off)
  4. I missed my bacon and egg butties for breakfast.
  5. Going to F&Bs – going out is always going to be hard but adopting a sensible approach wasn’t a tough thing to do. However – I still want F&B food and will eat it in future.


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