Detox – Day 8 – Monday

Nearly there. It’s day 8 (Monday) and things have certainly got a lot easier. I’m finally getting used to the Aloe Vera drink. It isn’t that bad if you wash it down with some water.

Nothing much different to the past 5 days – meal replacement shakes and the required tablets have all gone in. I’ve noticed that I’m not hungry any more. I’m keeping full with free foods. I also notice that I’m thinking a lot about what I am going to be eating when I complete this detox.

Day 8 has nothing special to report so here are the ups and downs….

Day 8 Good things:

  1. Still happy that I didn’t cheat over the weekend – that boosts the confidence a bit
  2. Day 9 tomorrow
  3. Feeling good
  4. Trousers are a bit looser – 34″ inch waist jeans worn this evening. Comfortable.

Day 8 Struggles:

  1. Nothing really. Is that a struggle? That I am not struggling with anything today?
  2. I have started thinking about how to come away from this detox with a better attitude to food.

LAST DAY TOMORROW……… Will I be a bit more like this:


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