First ever DNF (but no injury?)

hamstringsWhat a gutting weekend – my first every DNF. Only a 5K and I managed a DNF.

It was a big event too – the 100th Llyn Llech Owain ParkRun. We all lined up for photos – over 100 runners attending, everyone ready to go.

I had a plan – A 25min PB was the target. I planned for a 10-8-7 min mile set of splits. The run started and I got caught in a crowd. Off we went – up a hill, around a corner and bang – my hamstring sent a message to my brain. I ignored it – but no – it wasn’t going to give up. So I stopped, stretched – well aware that the time would now not be achievable.

I started running again. 100 metres and that message to my brain again. Stop!

So I stopped and walked back to the start line – my first ever DNF.

Once upon a time I would not have been able to deal with that but for some reason I didn’t mind. It made sense. I knew that any more┬árunning would have caused some more damage.

Anyway – fast forward to Tuesday and a 20-30 minute stretching session before a 6 mile interval training run. First mile was a jog – everything okay. Then 1k intervals at 5-10k pace followed by 3 min recoveries. It all went very well. The hamstring was a bit tight, but it held out and even now (a day later) it feels fine.

Just goes to show how important it is to listen to the body.

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