GCSE Computer Science

One of my first jobs when starting as a teacher in 1998 was to put together a course for ALevel Computing which was to be run for the first time in 1999. I did this and it was successful. Take up of the course was high and grades were good. A lot of pupils even went on to University to study the subject.

A new Headteacher and a change of direction – Computer Science now had to be taught through the medium of Welsh. Not an issue – notes were translated and I continued. The Head of ICT left and I took over and was soon asked to change my course to A Level ICT – again through the medium of Welsh. We are a Welsh school so I totally agree with the teaching language. Two years again and I was asked to change to WJEC Applied ICT. This is the course that we currently teach our Year 12/13 pupils. Grades are good.

For GCSE I have been teaching WJEC GCSE ICT. It was an ‘option’ for Year 9, then it was cut to be Short Course ICT and made compulsory and then in 2009 it was made an option again.

The point is that I have not taught any form of Computer Science in a fair few years. Shame really.

It’s now all about to change for me as I have convinced the Head to offer GCSE Computer Science. Not sure how it will go but I do know that I will have to re-train myself to teach this course instead of the ICT course I teach now.

I’m looking forward to it. Initial numbers show 45 have chosen the subject. Some of these pupils may have to be convinced otherwise but I am impressed with the interest shown by the pupils. Let’s hope I can deliver.

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