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Another good week of training comes to an end with a 14 mile run bringing this weeks total to 30.8 miles. I’ve not run that much since training for Chester last October.

I was beaten once again by the hill in Blaenau between Llandybie and PenyGroes/CrossHands. I managed most of it but the top bit was a killer so I waled for 5 mins and took on juice and some shot blocks. Made it to my destination hitting the desired pace of 10:20 – 11:00 min/miles in all mile splits except mile 12 and 13 (the hill).

This means the training for the Swansea Half Marathon is going really well. Check out my training on Strava.

I’m off this week on holiday so it’s going to be a quieter week with the running. Next Sunday will be 16 miles but whether I will be able to do it after a week’s holiday is to be seen.

On other news – during a run on the 23rd May I was bitten by a dog. It was only a small bite but it meant two and a half hours in A&E for a tetanus and some penicillin. Didn’t affect my running but it has un-nerved me a bit. I was a bit wary of dogs today – especially those that were off their leads. Why people walk them off their leads on public footpaths or pavements is beyond me.

Finally – the Bristol to Bath marathon looks like the next 26.2 I will be running. It’s in October so it means no Cardiff Half or Chester Marathon.

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