Holiday Running

Since I started running I’ve taken my kit on various holidays – be they weekends at BlueStone in Pembrokeshire or two week caravan holidays in the Summer months.

This year we visited St Mawes in Cornwall. We stayed at the wonderful Threthem Mill Caravan Site for two weeks and this was to be my base for running the rather hilly area. Anyhow, here are the details of my runs (only three of them).

30th July

  • RunKeeper Info:
  • Distance: 5.89km
  • Details: First run of the holidays. A simple 5k to suss out the roads. All roads were narrow and an absolute nightmare with cars zooming past regardless of which side of the road I was running on. Ran into St Mawes and asked Mrs E to pick me up after 40 mins. Happy with the time and the territory.
  • Trainers: Saucony

2nd August 2013

  • RunKeeper Info:
  • Distance: 8.49km
  • Details: Bit of a nightmare this one. It had just started with a small sun shower so out I went to run a 10K. Into St Mawes and back – nothing too tough. However around 2 miles in the heavens opened. It absolutely soaked me to the skin. Thinking it was a one off shower I carried on – but it didn’t stop by which time I was soaked. To top it all off it started with thunder and lightening over the bay. Not good at all. Scared myself silly. Anyhow I managed 8.49Km before Mrs E found me running in a gutter soaked to the skin.
  • Trainers: Saucony

7th August 2013

  • RunKeeper Info:
  • Distance: 11.32km
  • Details: Final run of the holidays and a very good one. A slightly different route around past St Mawes Castle. Really enjoyed it. Weather was good. Quite warm.
  • Trainers: Saucony

Despite the fact that I only went out three times (it is holidays!!!) I was extremely happy with the way the running had progressed. The hills were fantastic and inspired me to run and train on more hills when I got home. Look out Black Mountain – I’m coming for you!!



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