Injured again?

During the training for the Paris Marathon I was told by the physio that the pain in my left leg was quite possibly the beginnings of a stress fracture. It didn’t hurt when I run but it hurt when I stopped. I took three weeks off training, iced it up two, three times a day, had weekly physio sessions and had Louise massage the leg every evening. It got better but it affected how I completed the marathon. I’d had hoped this injury had passed.

Since Tuesday I have been feeling that familiar dull ache in my leg. The same ache that came about during the training. I’m not sure what do to – do I keep going? Do I keep icing up and massaging? Or with 9 weeks to go before Chester do I take that time off again and mess up the time I am aiming for.

I’m a bit fed up of this injury (or suspected injury) but not as down as I was. I know I can beat it – just when and how is the question.

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