It’s been a while….

It’s been a while since my last blog post about running. So here it is.

I decided to take some time off from running. I have this issue where every now and again (more now than again) I lose all interest in running. I have a bad run and get so fed up that I just stop. Anyhow I managed to get over it and last week started up again with some running during my lunch hour. I get an hour for lunch so it’s just enough time to get changed, run ~6K and then get back to freshen up before afternoon lessons.

So here are the details:

Monday (24 June):

Friday (28 June) :

Monday (1 July):

  • RunKeeper Info:
  • Details: Friday’s run didn’t have any effect on my legs – recovery was quick. So I decided to run a 10k – why not. It felt good. Distance not speed was the aim and following a cold bath to ease the muscles I felt fine. I did notice a tightness of my left hamstring when trying to open up my cadence but reducing it again sorted that out. I think I’ll have to add some more stretching in. I also will say  that I went out for a run at 8:45pm – a lovely time to run. It was quiet.
  • Trainers: Saucony

Wednesday (3 July):

  • RunKeeper Info:
  • Details: I shorter run to stretch out. Again late evening (8:30pm) which was nice. Nobody about. Again some hamstring pulling when opening my stride. Shortening my stride fixed it. Not sure why it is happening. I also made the decision to wear my trail shoes tonight with a view to running around the local trotting track but there was a horse training so I didn’t get there.
  • Trainers: Adidas Kanadia

And that’s it until Friday. Might try and get out during lunch time.

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