Marathon Eryri Week 14 Diary : #ukrunchat @runningblogs

It’s getting closer and slowly the nerves are starting to build. It didn’t help that week 14 of training didn’t go remarkably well, especially towards the end (the 16th October). What happened?

Nothing really – exactly that. Nothing! I didn’t go out on my final 10-12 mile run. Should I worry about it? Probably not but it does add to the doubt and worry. Today I listened to my body and not my training schedule. I was tired. Very tired. So I decided to rest. I’ve run during the week so I haven’t given up – but today needed to be an extra rest day.

Irunningbeltn other news – my running belt has arrived. I ordered direct from Salomon and it looks very nice. Of course my plan to wear it today for the 10 miler didn’t come to fruition, but I will try it out this week (week 15).

What else – oh yes – exciting news in that I’ve managed to hit my sponsorship target of £500 for Elusen Jac Bach. In fact I’ve gone over the target so that’s a nice bonus and gives a bit of encouragement during the run.

So here is my week broken down:

Tuesday : 11th October : 4M of 1M jog, then 6-8 x 400m at mile/5km speed, with 2 min jog recoveries, then 1 mile cool down.

Didn’t happen like that at all. On the way to the track I bumped into Chris Davies – a 59 year old runner who lives near me. He is a speed demon. So I went running with him at a faster pace than I would normally. It was great. Having completed the Snowdonia marathon several times, Chris had plenty of advice for running up hills and pacing. So a good change of plan.

Thursday : 13th October : 7m easy plus strides

Another run that didn’t go to plan due to school taking my time in the evening. So I went out for a run at lunch time. 3.6 miles with strides (short sprint intervals). It was okay but not the 7miles I needed.

Friday : 14th October : 3 miles very easy

Didn’t happen. Simple

Saturday : 15th October : Parkrun 5Km

The parkun didn’t happen because I was shattered so stayed in bed too late to make it. Tiredness was already creeping in. Manged 3.2 miles though – on an empty stomach which made me feel sick at the end.

Sunday : 16th October : 10-12 miles at comfortable pace

Didn’t happen. Read the opening paragraph to see why. Bringing to the end a not very good week of running.

How does this add up for the week?3 days of running, 4 rest days. 1 takeaway (shish kebab), half a pint of cider Weekly target: ~28miles. Actual Miles run: 11.2 miles – RUBBISH!!!

I read a few interesting posts on the Runner’s World forums this week. One was about pacing. I’ve decided to aim for 5 hours. Read my pacing post here.

I’ve also changed my blog template. I think it looks nicer.

Bringing this miserable running week to an end now so – Please tell me about your training – are you getting there? Is your race soon? Have you any advice?  Somebody talk to me. Is my blog looking okay? Someone comment. Please?

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