Personal bests…

With the Swansea Half Marathon taking place on Sunday I thought I would take some time to look at my personal bests across all events since I started this running lark.

They are not brilliant but are getting better. I’m hoping for a PB in Swansea.

  • 5k : 7th June 2014 : Llyn Llech Owain ParkRun : 26.49
  • 10K : 22 September 2013 : Swansea 10K 2013 : 59:22:00
  • Half Marathon : 23rd February 2014 : Oulton Half Marathon : 02:13:15
  • Marathon : 6th April 2014 : Paris Marathon : 05:22:25

Hopefully I’ll come in under 5 hours for the Chester Marathon as well in October.

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