Too old for abs?

Last week I got into a discussion with a colleague about whether we were too old to have abs. I’m 38 and he is (I think) 42/43 – both of us run but he is more extreme with his running and training than I am. Neither of us have every completed ab training.

We decided that we were not too old to have abs.

So tonight I introduced ab training to my post run training and before stretching. Only 5 minutes of ab exercise but that hurt – these muscles are not used that often 🙂

I read that this core work will help my running – time will tell. Hopefully I’ll see some benefits after a few weeks. At 38 I’ll never have Peter Andre abs (back to the 90s there people) but hopefully I’ll get rid of this belly.

Also ran a small 4k ‘loosen the muscles’ run tonight. After Saturday’s 12K I’m surprised at how well my legs coped with the run today.

Next run – Wednesday.

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