Training Buddy – Running with Company

Since I started running two years ago this October, I’ve always been happy with my own company. Headphones on I was able to run in silence, the only noise being the beat of a Ministry of Sound album (Running Trax) or a random playlist that I’d found in Men’s Running Magazine. I enjoyed my own company and was able to tune out of the world around me.

So when I was told of a friend who was running the Cardiff Half Marathon I wondered whether we could train together. I was struggling with my running mojo again so figured it would not hurt to have some company. I did wonder whether I could cope with making conversation on the run or whether it would be strained. I was also a bit nervous about running with someone else. What if I couldn’t keep up? What if I fell? What if I looked like a fool?

Anyway – we met for our first run and I’m happy to say that it has made a massive difference. It was different – I need not have worried. We worked it out. I still listen to music, but through one headphone (for pace). Conversation is good and we understand that there is no need to speak through the whole run.

Since starting we have run together many times and completed the Swansea 10K together with the Cardiff Half Marathon coming up. Where then? I have no idea – but running with company will certainly help get us there.

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