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Week 5 : 5th Feb – 11th Feb

Tonights 10k run brings to an end a rather good 5th week of marathon training. All of the timetabled training sessions have been completed without any issues. Information below:

Monday: Rest day.

Tuesday: 4M of 1M jog, then 6 x 400m at around mile pace (approx 1.55 per rep) with 2 mins jog recoveries…. All went very well. I’m too big to be a sprinter at just under 15 stone, but I managed the 400m reps without too much effort. The mile pace was 7:42min/mile (repeat paces were: 7:31 / 7:22 / 7:39 / 7:42 / 8:03 and 8:15). I got slower at the end but never mind, it wasn’t far out.

Wednesday: 3 miles at steady pace (9:10 – 9:40m/m) – escaped during my lunch hour as an evening run was not possible. Mile splits were – 9:10 / 8:49 and 9:16 – so well within where I was supposed to be. Another happy run.

Thursday: I don’t run on a Thursday any more. Instead I make my way to Cycle Specific in Cross Hands where I spent an hour on a watt bike. This week’s session was called ‘Strength and TT Efforts’ led by Alex. A good session – really enjoyed it. My last session for two weeks 🙁

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: 3 miles easy pace (9:40 10:40min/mile). Legs were a bit like lead today but managed to plough though with mile splits of 9:53 / 9:50 and 9:59. So despite lead legs, it went well.

Sunday: Final run of the week and it’s a 10k. I had some company for the first three miles which was nice but at the split I had to force myself to finish the last 3 miles as I was a bit tired. Still, got it done – bringing to the end a good week. Shattered now.

No other training new this week. I’m still worried about getting into the pool for swim training. With Swansea Triathlon just a month after the Newport Marathon I don’t feel I’ll be ready. I’ve considering deferring it for another year. Not sure what to do yet. Just got to find time to hit the pool.

Week 6 is a taper week as I have the Hoka One Winter Half Marathon next Saturday. It’s a trail run – only the second trail event I’ve taken part in. Exciting.

Have a good week everyone. If you are reading this then please do comment.

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