Week 7 and 8 training and a blog change….

Week 7:

What a good week for training. The best I’ve had in along time. I managed every run. This week was a total of approximately 32 miles but Strava tells me it is actually 33.1 miles – hooray. I was worried about the possible injury but the niggle seems to have passed and didn’t appear during the 16 mile run on Saturday morning.

Week 8:

Week 8 and this week the target is approximately 26 miles. Should be okay. Here is the plan:

  • 4th – Monday – Rest
  • 5th – Tuesday – 6M of 1M jog + 4 x 1M at 10k pace with 2 min 30 sec jog recoveries + 1M jog
  • 6th – Wednesday – Rest
  • 7th – Thursday – 6M progression run – starting at 10:30 pace and speeding up a little each mile
  • 8th – Friday – Rest
  • 9th – Saturday – 5M
  • 10th – Sunday – 9M easy

The Blog:

With my recent change from using Garmin.com to strava.com I’ve created a page on the blog that lists my daily efforts. They are presented in usual Strava format.


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