@asicseurope Frontrunner application again….

Once again this year I’ve put in an application to become an @Asics #Frontrunner. I’ve written my application from the heart so hopefully they people that decide will see that if they chose me, they would have someone who can motivate people to run.

Since 2014 I have been wearing Asics gear and love it. I cannot really say any more than that. I wear Nimbus trainers, having started with Nimbus 15s in 2014, moving up to 16s and then 17s. I admit to never buying the latest seasons but the new Nimbus 20 do look very nice indeed.

I’m not holding out much hope. When I see the current crop of Frontrunners they all seem so athletic and perfect (good old social media). I’m just a normal 42 year old bloke that enjoys running- not your social media, white teeth, blue eyed model type. LOL.

Still – you just never know.

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