Marathon Eryri – Week 7 into Week 8 #runchat @runningblogs

Week 7 Review:

Family time took over again this week and after a very good run on the Tuesday I didn’t manage to get any more into the week – not even a long run. It worries me a bit as it means I have missed two long runs. I’m not going to worry about it – but I may have to substitute a shorter run for a long run in Week 8. We’ll see how it goes.

The food changes are going well – bread is still out of the diet as is alcohol – although I did have a glass of wine last week whilst away on holiday with the troops.

Despite this, some weight is coming off which can only be a good thing. I was 13’8 when I ran the Paris Marathon two years ago. I am 14’4 at the moment so two months to get back to the Paris weight. I’m sure I can do it.

Week 8 Training:

Here is the plan for this week – approximately 26 miles:

  • Monday: Rest
  • Tuesday: 6M of 1M jog + 4 x 1M at 10k pace (approx 9-9:30/mile) with 2 min 30 sec jog recoveries + 1 mile cool down
  • Wednesday: Rest or Cross train
  • Thursday : 6m progression run – starting at 10:30 pace and speeding up a little each mile
  • Friday: Rest
  • Saturday: 5M including hills at threshold effort level.
  • Sunday: 9M easy (this might turn into 16 miles long run to make up for last week)

Accommodation has finally been booked for the Half Term. The Marathon is on the final Saturday of the half term holidays so the caravan will make it’s journey to North Wales. Should be fun towing it back on Sunday with jelly legs.

Thanks to everyone who advised on a running belt/back pack. I’m still running with my CamelBak – but the pocket is on the back and tough to reach when on a long run. This could mean slowing down to almost a stop to get stuff out of the very small pocket. I’ve not had chance to research the ones that have been recommended to me.

Are you training for a marathon? Let me know how yours is going in the comments. It would be nice to hear from people. I’ve turned comments back on (not sure why they were turned off in the first place).

Also – should I be worried if I miss a long run (or two in my case at the moment)?

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