In a previous post I wrote about how I’d suffered from really bad DOMS following the Hoka Half Marathon back in February. Never had my legs ached for so long after a run. It was painful and no amount of Radox and Magnesium Bath Salts helped. Foam rolling was too much so I basically just let my legs recover on their own an reduced my running to a few short walks. Olbas oil muscle run during the nights eased the aches a bit.

After reading several posts by various social runners on Instagram and other platforms I have decided to try Science in Sports Rego Rapid Recovery powder after my long runs.

Now, I cannot prove whether it really works or not. I drink it after any run over 10k (6.2 miles) and I can say that my legs are not struggling as much. Anything under 10k and I just stick to a pint of skimmed milk (which also does the trick). I’d love to say that this Rego Recovery powder is the way forward but I need more testing – so I’ll keep using it and update this blog post at a later date.

What do other people think?

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