Week 6 Training and a Half Marathon : @NewportWales262 @hokaone

Week 6 : 12th Feb – 18th Feb

A small week regarding running due to a slight taper ready for the Hoka One Trail Half Marathon a the end of the week. Due to the taper, I decided to give Cycle Specific a miss as it would be too much on the legs (in my opinion). Instead, I did smaller runs.

Information below:

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: Today I went out during the lunch time break in work. 1m jog > 2 x 2000m @ ~9min/mile (as close to as possible) with 3 min recoveries > 1m cool down. After checking the splits, I managed 9:06 and 9:01 for the intervals so am chuffed with that. Impressed that my cool down mile was also strong at 9:32min/mile.

Wednesday: Rested

Thursday: Rested. Took some time off Cycle Specific. As I said above, didn’t need the strain on the legs.

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Race Day – the Hoka One Half Marathon at Bryn Betws. Not my finest hour but it was okay and I finished it. I got the medal and can move on. Nothing to say about it – I enjoyed the run but was a bit gutted at the time. I don’t think I’m a trail runner.

Sunday: Final run of the week and it was a 3 mile recovery run. It was meant to be slow, but for some reason I went out faster than perhaps I should. I use the word ‘fast’ in relation to me. Went ok and the legs felt a lot looser afterwards. Or so I thought as we moved into Week 7.


Feel free to comment if you are reading this. It’s always nice when people do and offer some advice.

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