Tri-hard, Tri-again : Finding Motivation (Again)

As a normal guy who likes to train think of himself as an amateur triathlete, I’ve been struggling since last Summer to train – be it running, cycling or swimming. I have experienced a total loss of motivation. Despite experiencing the buzz of the Tenby Long Course Weekend and the Swansea IronMan 70.3 event in August, my enthusiasm took a nosedive, and I’ve found myself struggling to regain my motivation to train.

After a long look, I’ve realised that my busy schedule and feeling burnt are probably to blame. This loss of motivation has been frustrating and discouraging, but I am determined to get back on track. So, I thought I’d share a look at how I’m attempting to reclaim my motivation.

The first step has been to assess why I’ve been feeling demotivated. 2021/2022 saw me training 6/7 days a week under the guidance of Nia Davies of DC Triathlon and then Simon Malley of TriPotential. Despite changing coaches towards the end, I was seeing results. I took part in events that I would never have considered. I had that buzz. Motivation was high. Then once the events were over – that motivation crashed.

Recently I’ve been considering my approach to training. Instead of focusing solely on the end result, I’m going to try and focus on the process and the journey. These will be small victories I can achieve each day, such as completing a tough workout or improving your technique. I’ll be able to celebrating these small to hopefully help me stay motivated and inspired to keep going.

Now that I have no coach, I’m going to reframe my thoughts around training. It will not be a chore (as I have no events booked). Instead it will be an opportunity to challenge myself and grow. I’ll make every effort to focus on the positive aspects of training, such as the endorphin rush and the sense of accomplishment of completing a tough session.

As I’m starting again, I’m going to set smaller, achievable goals along the way to a (as yet unknown) larger goal. I very much doubt I’ll consider long course events again so my ultimate goal is to complete another half-ironman. Getting going will be the first small goal, then smaller goals such as improving my swim time or increasing your bike mileage (again). I’m looking for the sense of accomplishment these smaller goals will provide me to keep me motivated and pushing towards your larger goal.

Finally, it’s important to remember why I started training in the first place. In 2013/14 it was to improve my health as I’d put on a lot of weight over time. That weight has returned a little, but I also want to continue to challenge myself and set a good example for my children. I need to remember this when I have no motivation days.

From reading online, losing motivation as an amateur triathlete is common thing and I’m sure many others go through it. If so – get in touch and tell me how you’ve overcome it. Maybe we can help each other to find our motivation to keep pushing towards our goals.

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